Neighbors Windows & Doors is the Alaska dealer for Vinyltek window and door products. Our highest performing line of vinyl windows, the Vinyltek system is manufactured for the Alaskan market to our rigorous specification. Vinyltek products are used for either commercial or residential applications and available in any color, including metallics, as well as Double Nature woodgrain or Cypress fir clad.

Window Styles

Casement Awning Picture Sliding Single Hung Double Sliding Double Hung Tilt & Turn
Casement-Window Awning-Window Casement-Window single-slider-window.jpg single-hung-window double-slider-window double-hung-window Tilt-Turn-top

Door Styles

Hinged, Tilt &Turn Sliding Folding
Vinyltek_tiltturn_thumb Vinyltek_slidingdoor_thumb Vinyltek_foldingdoor_thumb

Window Features

  • Multichamber design — more chambers than any competing product. Provides superior thermal insulation and  sound reduction. Guaranteed outstanding resistance to warping and crushing (minimizing the likelihood of seal failure and gas loss).
  • Exclusive PVC compound gives  the window better resistance  to impacts and discoloration.
  • Stylish sash — optional inside and outside design  accessories for a neat finish.
  • Fusion-welded corners — give a more attractive appearance,  enhance solidity, and eliminate the need  for adhesives and sealants.  100% watertight and airtight.
  • Triple-layer weatherstripping — provides superior insulation, virtually eliminating air, water, dust, and dirt infiltration. Easily replaceable if needed thanks to the groove.
  • Exclusive anchoring system for opening/locking mechanisms Specially designed mounting screws installed through a minimum of two PVC walls for reliable, durable, and secure fastening.

Vinyl Colors & Paint Options

Vinyltek windows and doors are available in white or beige uPVC frames. They can be painted any color (including metallic finishes) at the factory or in our pre-finishing department on both the interior or exterior surfaces. Custom color matches are no problem.

Double Nature

Vinyltek Renovation Brochure


DOUBLENATURE provides a range of inspiring looks that add beauty and a feeling of cozy comfort to your project whether large or small. DOUBLENATURE offers the organic and natural warmth of wood, without the maintenance.

Trendy and timeless, the natural wood finish of the DOUBLENATURE collection blends with other materials and textures to give your project its own unique look. With a finish that can be applied inside as well as outside, DOUBLENATURE products provide the most realistic wood finish in the PVC industry. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, of innovation and tradition.

  • Water-based, UV-resistant stain
  • No maintenance and no deterioration — inside or out
  • Patent pending

DOUBLENATURE is available in combination with the following Boréal window types:

  • Casement & Awning Windows
  • EuroTwist – Tilt & Turn Windows
  • Picture or “fixed” windows
Oak Mahogany Cherry Pecan Redwood Walnut
doublenature-oak-finish doublenature-mahogany-finish doublenature-cherry-finish doublenature-pecan-finish doublenature-redwood-finish doublenature-walnut-finish


Solid wood interior cladding that enhances vinyl (PVC) casement or awning windows.

wood-on-pvc-window-casements (1)  casement-window-vancouver wood-on-pvc-window-two-corner (1)

This real wood+Vinyl Window system features:

  • Innovative molding system assembles and screws right into the PVC frame (patent pending), allowing use of screens
  • 90° assembly system gives windows a genuine wood look
  • No contact between glass and wood, reducing risk of premature wood aging
  • Wood remains protected from the elements, even when windows are opened to allow ventilation
  • Designed for a wide range of energy-efficient glass, of varied thicknesses
  • Choice of wood types
  • Fixed, panoramic, or casement windows can be combined in a variety of configurations
PVC window performance remains unchanged

Casement or awning windows with solid wood interior moldings provide the same superior protection whatever the rigors of the elements—wind, rain, cold, or heat. They’re watertight, insulated, and solid.

  • Superior quality, maintenance-free PVC frames
  • No water or air leaks, no energy loss
  • Multichamber system for thermal insulation and  sound reduction
  • Window performance results are unchanged

Energy Performance Ratings

Type Glazing U Value R Value
Casement Cardinal XL Edge Triple 366-CL-180 + Argon .17 5.88
Casement Cardinal XL Edge Double 366-CL + Argon .25 3.84
Awning Cardinal XL Edge Triple 366-CL-180 + Argon .16 5.55
Awning Cardinal XL Edge Double 366-CL + Argon .26 3.70
Fixed Casement Cardinal XL Edge Triple 366-CL-180 + Argon .15 6.66
Fixed Casement Cardinal XL Edge Double 366-CL + Argon .26 3.84
Picture Cardinal XL Edge Triple 366-180-i89 + Argon .13 5.26
Picture Cardinal XL Edge Double 366-CL + Argon .25 3.84


Vinyltek provides a Lifetime Warranty for owner occupied residences.

Download the full warranty