Crystalite Inc. manufactures aluminum glass skylights, acrylic dome skylights, operating (venting) skylights, tubular skylights, and custom sloped glazing systems in Everett, WA.

Replacement of existing skylights that require a custom size is not a problem, Crystalite has a wide selection of standard sizes for new construction but can also produce custom sizes in their glass or acrylic dome skylights. Our preferred skylight model is their 5842 hybrid vinyl / aluminum frame with insulated glass. When installed to a properly built and flashed roof curb they do not leak, are well insulated, and can come in double pane or triple pane glass. Glass skylights are also available in a venting model (either manual or motorized).

Acrylic dome skylights have the advantage of shedding more snow during the winter on lower sloped applications, and are also available in a venting model.

Neighbors Windows & Doors offers skylight replacement services that include the removal of your existing curb mounted skylight and installation of new skylight, all covered by our three year labor warranty. The addition of skylights to an existing roof, or during new construction, should be performed by a roofing contractor as the skylight relies on a properly prepared and flashed curb.

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Crystalite 5842 skylight overview