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Neighbors Windows & Doors provides professional pre-finishing services for interior and exterior building products such as windows, interior doors, exterior doors, interior & exterior mouldings, siding, and paneling.

Equipped with a state of the art climate controlled paint booth, our Anchorage facility is capable of high quality finishes year-round. Our specialized paints and curing systems allow us to completely cure finishes prior to packaging and shipping.

Pre-finishing services are available on products we supply or for customer supplied products.


  • Deliver beautifully finished products
  • Ensure complete warranty coverage by supplying products finished to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Reduce warranty issues related to improper finishing
  • Eliminate warping, splitting, and other humidity related problems
  • Reduce overall costs to your customer
  • Grow your revenue


  • Complete your project with consistent, professionally finished products and materials without drywall dust, sawdust, dirt or other contaminants common on jobsites
  • Complete projects in less time on site
  • Complete projects during the winter or inclimate weather
  • Reduce the number of subcontractors on site
  • Eliminate odors and mess common with on site finishing
  • Reduce overall expense



AquaSurtech OEM D200 is our preferred high performance, heat reflective, single component low VOC water dispersible polyurethane. This product can be spray applied to the following materials with excellent adhesion and durability without a primer:

  • Vinyl, PVC, and most plastics
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Metal

YES—We can paint vinyl windows!

D200 is available in a range of standard colors, custom colors, and satin to gloss finishes. Non-stocked standard colors have a 10 business day lead time, custom color matches can take 10-15 business days to acquire.


A variety of acrylic latex paints are available for exterior products. Readily available in a huge array of standard or custom colors and sheens, we can quickly supply you with a custom matched product that will suit most materials including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Metal

Many substrates and products require priming or special prep- aration to ensure proper adhesion. Please consult with your sales rep to determine the correct specification for the product you are having finished.

If our standard paints do not meet the needs of a particular project we can design a paint system to fit a project specification.



Benjamin Moore ADVANCE waterborne interior alkyd paint offers the application and performance of traditional oil paints in a waterborne formula. It flows and levels like a traditional alkyd, meaning that a perfect factory quality finish can be achieved with an environmentally friendly low VOC product.

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE is readily available in unlimited colors, and satin to gloss finishes. This is our preferred product for interior millwork products.


  • To guarantee a durable, consistent, and professional finish on a variety of wood species all products are thoroughly inspected, sanded, cleaned, and conditioned prior to stain application.
  • Our specialized moulding sander provides a high quality sanding of contoured casings, crowns, and flat stock. This process ensures minor surface irregularities are blended to achieve a universally open grain for consistent stain absorption.
  • Solid wood or veneered doors and other millwork products are thoroughly inspected and hand sanded prior to finishing to ensure manufacturing and handling defects are addressed prior to finishing.
  • Most stained materials are finished with two to four coats of a spray applied waterborne low VOC polyurethane in satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss sheen.
  • Custom stain color matches are no problem, or you can select from one of our standard stain colors.
  • Custom stain processes for siding, decking, and other products can be developed to your specification.


Most projects are quoted on a project-by-project basis. Please contact us with project specifications and we’ll work with you to determine the best process and finish for your application. Our Anchorage showroom and production facility is available by appointment for you or your customers to visit and review finish options.

We value commercial partnerships. Price lists can be developed for material suppliers and fabricators with products that they would like to sell pre-finished. We will work with you to develop a standard specification and color selection for your products, as well as a clearly defined warranty and a consistent pricing structure so your sales reps can quickly generate quotes and confidently place orders. We are happy to develop and supply sales literature, point of sale displays, and samples for our commercial partners.

Our goal is to make your products and projects look great, in less time, with less hassle than ever before.