Glass Replacement

For a limited time, save $100 per unit on insulated glass replacement!

Need to replace fogged, moldy, or broken window or door glass? We manufacture new insulated glass for windows and doors at our facility in Anchorage. We take pride in short lead times with locally built products, great service, and affordable factory direct pricing.

Most quotes can be done remotely – we need a photo of the inside and outside of each window (step back so we can see the whole window), a photo looking down at a corner of the glass (this lets us see if it’s single, double, or triple pane and how the window is built), and the dimensions of the visible glass (just measure what you can see through).

We will always send a technician out to confirm sizing and specification if you decide to place an order!

You can email information to, text information to 907-868-7883, or submit information below.

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    If possible, please provide measurements of the visible glass. Dimensions don't need to be precise, we'll always send a tech to confirm sizing prior to ordering.

    Sizing and any notes:

    If possible, please provide photos of the glass you need replaced. Step back so the whole window and wall is in view and take an interior and exterior picture.

    Experienced, Friendly, and Professional Crews

    Great glass replacement service comes from great people.

    All of our window and door installers are year round employees. We background check everyone. We provide them with the best tools available, make sure they’re trained to work with all the products they install, and follow safe work practices.

    Our focus is to make your glass repair and replacement experience as smooth as possible. Our installation and service team is capable of quickly replacing broken glass in windows or doors, changing out a house full of fogged insulated glass units, or even upgrading your existing windows from double to triple pane glass.

    Quality, Options, Lead Times

    Glass replacement by expert craftsmen

    We can replace glass in typical residential vinyl windows or doors (including sliding doors), residential or commercial fiberglass, residential wood or residential metal framed windows, and even garage doors.

    Since we manufacture our own annealed and laminated replacement insulated glass we have great control over quality and turnaround time from order to delivery. Most typical window glass can be replaced in two weeks or less, but there are some configurations that require custom glass to be ordered in.

    Our standard replacement glass configuration is a double pane, argon gas filled, with a foam edge spacer between the panes, and one pane has Cardinal 270 low E coating that improves energy efficiency. If you just want to match the look of an older insulated unit without low E coatings, we can produce an all clear insulated unit as well.

    Tempered glass is still ordered from suppliers in the Seattle area as there are no facilities required to temper window glass and make it safety code compliant in Alaska. Laminated glass is an alternative to tempered as it can be produced locally for projects that require a quick completion.

    Our window and door replacement crew are well trained experts


    Our window and door replacement warranty is an industry leading three years

    Insulated replacement glass installed by our technicians comes with a lifetime warranty against seal failure, and we stand behind our work with our industry leading three year service warranty. Great care is taken to use only the finest materials, tools, and industry standard techniques to ensure our extremely high quality standards are always maintained. We’d prefer to do it right once and not have to talk about warranties!

    EPA Compliance

    If your home was built before 1978, there is a good chance it has lead-based paint. Lead from paint, including lead-contaminated dust, is one of the most common causes of lead poisoning.

    Federal law requires all renovation, repair, and painting firms working in housing, or facilities where children are routinely present, built before 1978, to be certified. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, MAKE SURE YOU HIRE A LEAD SAFE CERTIFIED RENOVATOR!

    Neighbors Windows & Doors is an EPA certified firm and all of our lead installers and project managers are certified renovators.

    Read more about the EPA’s lead requirements here.

    Window and door replacement in homes built prior to 1978 requires EPA compliant work practices